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Hawken Energy Outdoor Furnaces

Black Knight Energy does not sell tractors, lawn mowers or grass seed! We sell heat, service heat and install heat. Our customers are our warmest friends.

As a HVAC company we have worked on all brands and makes of heating equipment. In the early 1990’s, calls started coming in to install, service and repair outside furnaces. Installing and repairing these furnaces helped us to learn what we wanted for a furnace product of our own.

In 1998 we purchased and installed a wood boiler in my 137 year old farmhouse. Then in the winter of 1999 the furnace was up and running. Wood consumption went down from the wood-coal furnace we were using. Temperature control was even throughout the home using the primary-secondary piping method designed by us. Domestic hot water was heated 100%. The furnace was fired up once a day throughout the coldest weather and once every two or three days during warmer times. Ash removal was required twice that year due to complete combustion of wood down into a fine dust and/or powder.

To date my wood boiler has saved me over $70,000 dollars in oil heating costs. My $11,000 dollar investment in 1999 to install an outdoor furnace has paid for itself many times over. Being toasty warm 24-7 through out winter… priceless! –Robert Purvis.

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1.    Vent Cap Design eliminates evaporation.
2.    High Capacity Water Jacket: Receives multiple tests to ensure welding integrity. Certified high quality steel used – no mixed metals.
3.    Ripple Top® Design: For increased heat transfer area and lower maintenance.
4.    Large, Insulated Cast-Iron Door: Ergonomically designed with a large door for easy loading. Door is insulated for maximum efficiency. Door parts are powder coated for increased paint durability.
5.    Automatic Draft Control: Thermostatically controls water temperature in system.
6.    Skid Base Framework: Makes Installation easy with or without cement foundation. Only the CL 7260 and Pallet Burner require a slab.
7.    Welded Steel Framework: Heavy-gauge framework engineered for enhanced strength of side panels and roof.
8.    Insulated Chimney: The chimney is a type HT listed factory-built chimney for wood burning appliances. Two 4-foot chimney sections standard.
9.    Rear Exhaust Outlet: Increases efficiency. Eliminates leaks and corrosion that competitors experience from chimneys that exit through the roof. Designed for easy inspection. Reduces heat loss by over 50%.
10.    Water-Filled HeatLock Baffle™: Creates secondary combustion area. Traps heat in firebox – will not warp or burn out with extreme heat.
11.    Urethane Foam Insulation: Insulation is sprayed on and forms a 100% airtight seal around the water jacket.
12.    Rectangular Firebox: Engineered with stay pins – will not collapse like round designs can.
13.    Ash Pan: 3/8” thick, formed ash pan is durable and easy to clean. (1/4” thick, formed ash pan on stainless steel models.)