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Air Duct Cleaning

duct-cleaning-1Furnace and Duct Cleaners of Western Pa is a division of Black Knight Energy, Inc.

Our air duct cleaning division was started in 1988 after extensive research into air duct cleaning equipment. At that time a Pringles truck mounted equipment was employed with the large bags that inflated out the top of the truck.

In the mid 1990’s the second generation of truck mounted equipment was put on line. Today the new diesel powered truck mounted equipment is used.

Air duct cleaning became popular in the 1940’s as old coal furnaces began to give way to the new automatic heat of natural gas or oil furnaces. The new Holland Furnace Company was the first company to offer air duct cleaning. Their 1940’s trucks with large single bags made quite the site as they sucked 50 years of coal and soot from people’s homes.

Air duct cleaning fell out of favor in the mid 1950’s due to scams and poor workmanship as everyone started jumping on the band wagon of cleaning duct work. Air duct cleaning was reborn in the late 1980’s as the next generation of new high efficiency furnaces and tighter homes ushered in the need for this service.

Air duct cleaning done correctly offers many benefits from using less energy to keeping homes cleaner. Air duct cleaning has come full circle with more people jumping on the band wagon again introducing scams, outlandish promises and prices to get a foot in your door.

Furnace and Duct Cleaners of Western Pa have been cleaning duct systems since 1988. We have been fabricating and installing duct systems since 1978 in our own sheet metal shop. The duct cleaners employed are in the heating industry. They know duct systems, how they are built and how heating systems operate. They can handle your duct cleaning needs professionally and correctly.


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